PLEASE NOTE: Due to our current backlog of older orders, along with
some issues in our manufacturing capacity, we are no longer accepting
any new orders at the present time. Once we can get all orders shipped,
we will assess the market situation as to any future orders. We apologize
to our current Clients who are experiencing very long delays in receiving
their orders and do appreciate their continued patience during this difficult period.

We build guitar and bass speaker cabinets for the discerning musicians who want superior articulation and projection. They want the dynamic range of their amps to stay in focus regardless of the volume.

Our design principles are different from the rest and have but one purpose...and that is to enhance, shape and deliver the tone produced by the best guitars, amps and Players in the World. Ours cabs are at home whether in your living room or in front of 50,000 screaming fans.

Old World craftsmanship with unparalled performance is what we do.


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